Hemastain - Wright's Stain

Our Flagship Hemastain (Wright's Stain) is the best staining solution available for peripheral blood films. Every lot is tested to determine absorbance characteristics at various wavelengths of light. The stain is then qualified on reference Hematrak systems to assure accuracy on all manual and automated microscopy, including imaging systems. This continual testing allows for lot to lot conformity. Uniquely effective when used in conjunction with our Hemastain Fixative and Phosphate Buffer.

Every lot of our Hemastain Fixative is tested with our Hemastain (Wright's Stain) and Phosphate Buffer to ensure quality results. We believe our Stain Fixative is your best solution for uniform staining results.

The Phosphate Buffer is pre-measured and certifed to meet our exacting standards. Easy to use, pre-weighed in foil packets to make one gallon of buffer solution. Our buffer powder is manufactured to maintain a specific pH throughout it's shelf life (7.1pH), assuring optimum staining quality every time. Differentiation is further enhanced by a final buffer rinse, a Sedona Lab exclusive process which provides a unique degree of quality and clarity in the staining process.

Hemastain SDS      Hemastain Fixative SDS      Phosphate Buffer SDS

Hemastain and Fixative are sold in Single Gallons or 4 x 1 gallon cases.

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